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Monday, December 01, 2003

The Hindu : AIDS patients in 6 States to get free drugs: "AIDS patients in 6 States to get free drugs By P. Sunderarajan"

The Hindu : HIV-infected children discriminated against in schools: "HIV-infected children discriminated against in schools By Shyama Rajagopal KOCHI NOVEMBER 30. Despite the assurance given by the State Government to provide support to the families of AIDS victims, several HIV-positive children continue to be discriminated against in educational institutes. Many instances of HIV-infected children being denied admission to schools have been reported from Ernakulam district."

The Hindu : Living with HIV: "Living with HIV By Our Staff Reporter THIRUVANANTHAPURAM Nov. 30. Bindu states boldly that she has been Human Immuno Virus positive for the past seven years and that she leads as normal a life as anybody else. She is voicing the agony and torment of hundreds who are denied dignity and respect because of their HIV positive status."